With the weather getting cooler, my go-to morning beverage will eventually go into hibernation for the next few months. Here's my typical morning brew for the past few months:


  • 34.5g Guatemala Antigua beans at roasted to City+ (Typically 2-7 days after roasting)
  • 255g of ice in a pitcher
  • Hario V60 with Hario filters
  • Bonavita electric kettle
  • Brita filtered water
  • Scale
  • Coffee grinder


  1. Drag myself out of bed and stumble to the kitchen.
  2. Realize that I didn't fill the kettle the night before.
  3. Realize that I didn't fill the Brita pitcher the night before.
  4. Pour just-filtered Brita water into Bonavita — turn on.
  5. Get ready for work.
  6. Tare pitcher on a scale and put in the ice.
  7. Prepare V60 with filter
  8. Re-boil the water
  9. Put measured amount of beans in the grinder. Have the grinder set to grind slightly finer than filter.
  10. As soon as the kettle shuts off, I turn the grinder on.
  11. Rinse the filter with hot water from kettle.
  12. Put ground coffee in the V60.
  13. Tap the side of the V60 with my hand several times to "pack" the coffee.
  14. Make an indentation in the coffee with my finger. Should feel firmly packed.
  15. Place V60 on kettle. Tare scale.
  16. Bloom the coffee for about 40 secs. A victory for me is when I hit 0.9-1.0g of evenly distributed water.
  17. Pour in typical pour-over circular motion (~1 inch in diameter) avoiding the sides.
  18. Pour slow enough to try to avoid having water spill over to the sides.
  19. The sign that I should stop pouring is when the outer edge of the coffee swells up and looks like the edge of a hamburger patty.
  20. Pour to maintain that hamburger patty.
  21. Stop pouring at 255g.
  22. Discard of waste and swirl the iced coffee in the pitcher.
  23. Pour into glass canister.

So why boil the water as soon as I get up? Convenience.

By the time I'm ready for work, the water should still be fairly hot which will make the reboil happen a lot faster. A lot of folks out there say that you shouldn't reboil the water because it will taste different; it's dangerous; yada yada. Fortunately, I'm too stubborn to care and haven't been cursed with super-sensitive taste buds to tell the difference.