MarkDrop is a Markdown editor that uses Droplr as its synchronized file system. MarkDrop offers syntax highlighting, themes as well as the features of using Droplr like sharing and accessibility.

It is nice to see a quality text editor harness the power of Droplr for writing.

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Blue Bottle Coffee has several new-to-me preparation guides for brewing coffee, such as this Aeropress recipe.

While I'm not a fan of the inverted method, and that 20g coffee to 200g water seems rather high to me especially at such a fine grind (but the immersion time is 1 minute, so that will help balance out), I'll still give it a whirl.

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Well that was fast — IFTTT updated their iOS app yesterday to allow location-based triggers to actions. Unlike LIFTTT, which I linked to the other day, IFTTT doesn't need a Gmail account in order to trigger actions.

However, also unlike LIFTTT, there is a lack of fine tuning when controlling entering and exiting a geofence. However, I suspect most people won't need it.

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LIFTTT is a very interesting app that unites geofencing with IFTTT triggers. The premise is simple — you arrive or leave a geofenced location, an IFTTT trigger happens.

Unfortunately, it requires a Gmail account as it uses emails to trigger IFTTT actions. But if you have no qualms with that, then you got a pretty powerful app at your disposal.

So what can you do with this app?

Well off the top of my head:

  1. LIFTTT triggers "I'm home" action when I come home from work
  2. IFTTT triggers a Dropbox action when it senses the generated email in Gmail
  3. Hazel on my Mac Pro gets triggered due to said Dropbox action
  4. Hazel runs AppleScript
  5. AppleScript plays "Ride of the Valkyries" the moment I enter the door.

Sure I'll have to play with radius, timing, walking speed, and all that fun stuff — but imagine the potential.

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Castro is a new, attractive podcast player for the iPhone. The app offers clean looks, unique playback control gestures, background updating, and a "News mode" which only keeps the latest episode of a podcast despite how many unlistened episodes there are.

Judging by the screenshots in the App Store, it is clear who their target audience is (hint: 5by5 and Mule Radio listeners).

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Mistobox has a nice collection of coffee brewing guides that are some of the most informative, yet easy to follow around the internet. Their brew guides range from drippers, french press, and Aeropress. While I do appreciate the "artsy" coffee videos, some would like to know exact parameters when attempting a brew — and Mistobox has that covered.

As a bonus, they ship coffee from one of my favorite coffee roasters — Augies.

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Pinswift is a Pinboard client for the iPhone that comes with popular power-features such as a URL scheme, viewing of the Popular section in Pinboard, as well as searching full-text for those who have an archival account.

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Evercopy is a universal app that allows you to share clipboard contents (text only) using your iOS device, web app, or Chrome extension. Evercopy uses Dropbox in order to allow you to sync.

I rely on this app a lot, especially when sharing URLs from my work PC to my iOS device. Since I don't use Safari for Windows in order to harness Reading List, nor do I want to dump temporary URLs to Pinboard, this app has been helpful and saved me a lot of time and effort.

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Duncan Davidson has posted a slow-motion video of brewing coffee with a Hario V60 produced entirely with his iPhone 5s using the Camera app and iMovie.


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Graham Hill gives a brief overview of brewing coffee with a Hario V60. The equipment that Graham uses is almost identical to what I have at home, and is really all you ever need to make great coffee — well, aside from good beans.

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