Nike Switches to Twitter for New Release Reservations

The Verge reports on Nike’s attempt in calming down the hysteria when it comes to midnight launches by switching to Twitter. This attempt also makes steps into having consumers view Twitter as a reputable resource for the company.

Each local Nike store will have its own Twitter account and would involve the user to Direct Meassage that store in order to reserve the product.

I am interested in seeing how this will pan out in terms of Nike’s ability to keep things in order

Adonit Jot Flip Review by Macdrifter

While the consensus around the Internet points to Studio Neat’s Cosmonaut as the go to stylus amongst iPad users, I’ve always had my eye on the Adonit Jot Flip Stylus. Whether its because I am a big fan of needle point pens, or my assumption on the precision of this stylus, I’ve always felt that this would be a better product. Seeing how Gabe Weatherhead enjoys this product is another drop in the bucket of confidence in buying this as opposed to the Cosmonaut when the time comes for me.

Federico Viticci’s Stance On Free Apps and Services

Federico Viticci takes a look at the “free” business model as well as the “freemium” model. He also takes points out the strategy of “gain users” then “implement business model” as recently brought up by the developers of Pocket.

It’s a touchy subject in which users and consumers cannot ignore anymore as more and more of then are placing trust in these apps and services. Unfortunately there’s another valid view to this…

Ben Brooks On “Free” Always Being Bad

Ben Brooks posts a counter to Federico Viticci’s post. He argues against Pocket’s proposed business model stating that apps don’t have to be free to gain a large user base — it just needs to be compelling enough to attract early adopters who will spread the message and attract other potential users as well.

Jan-Yves Ruzicka Posts How He Implements Tags In OmniFocus

This is a very interesting technique that I am going to heavily consider. I have always found myself in need of an additional set of filtering criteria for my perspective strategies — and this might be the answer that I’ve been looking for.